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  • Year Founded: 19991
  • Website:
  • Lead Type(s): Exclusive buyer and seller 

Market Leader takes the crown as the best overall lead generation company thanks to its comprehensive features, the fact that it provides both buyer and seller leads, and its user-friendly setup process.

Market Leader stands out for offering exclusive leads. If you buy a lead from them, Market Leader will not sell it again to another agent competing with you. You are also guaranteed a minimum number of leads per month. Market Leader collects leads from its website, which sellers use to get a valuation on their homes. Market Leader also collects contacts from Leads Direct. It uses pay-per-click ads for consumers looking at home listings.

Market Leader’s pricing depends on how many monthly leads you sign up for. You pay per lead as well as a monthly fee. When you sign up, you create a profile and customize the alerts to your target location.

On top of the leads, Market Leader includes a customer relationship management software (CRM) with lead-nurturing tools. Through Market Leader Professional, you can create a customized lead capture website for your business without hiring your own developer.2 When visitors register on the website, you collect data for your CRM and can also set up automated marketing replies.

Market Leader received positive user reviews, for the most part. Positive reviews liked the quality and consistency of the leads, and said the Market Leader system was easy to use. Negative reviews said the company sometimes provides unreliable leads, and customer service wasn’t always helpful, especially with cancellations and refunds.

Pros & Cons

  • Guaranteed monthly leads that are exclusive
  • Offers buyer and seller real estate leads
  • Includes a CRM with lead-nurturing tools
  • Has plans for agents and brokers

  • Third-party reviews said leads were unreliable
  • Complaints about customer service, including for cancellations and refunds
  • Charges a monthly fee and per-lead fees


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  • Year Founded: 20093
  • Website:
  • Lead Type(s): Exclusive buyer and seller

If you want help turning leads into sales, consider Zurple. It is our top choice for automation. Zurple not only generates exclusive buyer and seller leads but it also automatically nurtures the leads. The software runs conversations with each contact using behavior-driven messages matched to the situation. You can personalize the messages yourself and have them sent from your email address. When Zurple finds a hot lead who is ready to move forward, the software will notify you to take over the conversation.

Zurple makes it easy to join and plan your campaign. When you sign up with Zurple, you enter your marketing budget. Zurple will then optimize your budget by only using targeted ads in your specific areas, including sub-areas within ZIP codes. If you generate leads from other sites, like Zillow, you can upload them into Zurple’s automated contact system.

Zurple also comes with a CRM for managing your leads as well as tools to create and customize your ads and website. You can learn more about using Zurple’s system through its blog and success center.

Most past customers had good things to say about Zurple. They were especially pleased about how Zurple converted leads into clients for them, praising the “set it and forget it” system. Some reviews complained about problems canceling accounts, including being billed after sending a cancellation request. Others said they had trouble dealing with customer support.4

Pros & Cons

  • Automated software helps convert leads
  • Offers personalized, automated responses
  • Agents can upload their own leads into the contact system

  • User reviews complained about cancellation issues
  • Some reviews said customer service was not responsive


Zillow Premier Agent logo

Zillow Premier Agent is the best real estate lead generation company for finding buyers, thanks to its access to Zillow. Zillow is one of the most popular websites for homebuyers looking for price information. Zillow Premier Agent generates leads from these visitors.

The system is different from the typical lead generation service. Zillow Premier Agent doesn’t send you leads directly. Instead, you pay to be featured on pages throughout Zillow and Trulia (a sister site), such as on listings and personalized websites. Potential buyers then see your name and contact information while browsing homes.

You get started by speaking with a member of the support team for Zillow Premier Agent. They will explain how the site works and plan the best use of your marketing budget. The cost depends on the area you’re targeting based on the average home prices and the number of competing agents. However, Zillow has no minimum monthly charge or sign-up fee. Your budget just determines the number of ads.

Third-party reviews had mixed feedback for Zillow Premier Agent. Some praised the leads for being very high-quality, while others did not find them as useful and said they were overpriced for the value.6 

Pros & Cons

  • Generates leads through Zillow
  • Lets agents share contact information on Zillow listings
  • No monthly minimum or sign-up charge

  • Some complaints about lead quality
  • Non-exclusive leads; some may already have an agent


Offrs logo
  • Year Founded: 20137
  • Website:
  • Lead Type(s): Seller, Buyer, For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBOs), expired listing, foreclosure8

Offrs specializes in generating seller leads. While it does provide other types of real estate leads, its main focus is on delivering high-quality seller leads that turn into listings. Offrs promises you will receive 30 leads per month in your area, or it will expand your target area at no extra charge. Offrs uses home evaluation tools and predictive analytics to determine which homeowners in your area are most likely to sell. It then targets these homeowners with ads to generate leads, which you can track using Offrs’ CRM.

When you first join, you schedule a 30-minute session with an Offrs specialist to learn how to use the lead generation system and apps, along with pricing. Offrs also provides custom options for brokerages, which include apps for every agent.

Although Offrs expresses a lot of confidence in its seller lead generation system, customer reviews were mixed. Some said they received high-quality leads that closed and felt Offrs delivered great value for the price. Others said they received no leads or that the leads were low-quality, including unlisted numbers and those not even looking to sell.9

Pros & Cons

  • Specializes in seller leads
  • Uses data to predict which homeowners are most likely to sell
  • Offers FSBO, foreclosure, and expired listing leads
  • Includes a CRM for tracking leads

  • Some user reviews complained about lead quality
  • No guarantee that predicted sellers are looking to sell


Zoho Meeting
  • Year Founded: 199610
  • Website:
  • Lead Type(s): None, CRM for managing leads

Zoho is the best option for generating leads from your social media posts. While Zoho doesn’t generate leads for you, it automatically captures leads from your Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other social media posts, as well as from emails and websites like Zillow.11

Zoho then lets you track and manage leads over the entire sales cycle using its top-rated CRM. While other real estate lead generation companies have internal CRMs, Zoho is known for offering one of the best. It can help you better manage your leads, set up email campaigns, track contact history, and coordinate with others on your sales team. You can also access the Zoho app, live support, training, webinars, and prospecting tools.

Zoho Social charges between $10 to $40 per user per month, billed annually, depending on how many features you want for your CRM. You can start with a 15-day free trial.12 You may also be able to customize your plan with the features you want.

User reviews were mostly positive. Many liked the wide range of Zoho CRM’s marketing tools and how it integrates with other products. Other reviews found all the Zoho tools overwhelming to use and didn’t like the customer service.13 

Pros & Cons

  • Captures leads from Facebook, X, and website ads
  • Offers a free trial
  • Costs between $10 to $40 per user per month (billed annually)
  • One of the highest-rated CRMs for lead management

  • Doesn’t generate real estate leads for you
  • Past users complained about the platform being complicated to use
  • Complaints about service issues


  • Year Founded: 200314
  • Website:
  • Lead Type(s): Seller, FSBO, expired listing, pre-foreclosure

If you’re on a budget,  REDX has the best pricing for real estate generation. It offers a la carte pricing for leads with no setup fees. Its monthly prices are also reasonable.

REDX specializes in seller leads. It not only offers regular seller leads, but also provides expired listings, For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO), For-Rent-By-Owner (FRBO), and pre-foreclosure leads. REDX uses aggregate data from public records to source these leads. Each one includes contact information.

When you’re ready to contact leads, REDX offers a Power Dialer system. It automatically calls every number, so you don’t have to punch them in. You’ll be connected only when someone answers. Otherwise, REDX leaves an automatic voicemail for you. REDX offers training and tutorials to use its system and unlimited customer support.

The monthly pricing depends on the type of lead. For example, FSBOs and pre-foreclosure leads start at $39.99 monthly, expired listings are $59.99 monthly, and FRBOs are $79.99 monthly. If you want to use the Power Dialer, a single line costs $99.99 per month.15

REDX had fewer customer reviews than the other companies in this roundup. The reviews that did exist were primarily positive, specifically praising how the expired listing leads for being current and up-to-date. On the other hand, REDX received some negative reviews complaining about its customer service.16

Pros & Cons

  • Monthly pricing with no setup fees
  • Power Dialer system for calling leads
  • Offers leads for FSBOs, FRBOs, pre-foreclosure, expired listings, and hard-to-contact owners
  • Leads have up-to-date contact information

  • No buyer leads
  • Some reviews complained about customer service

Final Verdict

You have plenty of quality options if you’re looking for a real estate lead generation company. The right fit depends on your sales goals. Market Leader was our best overall pick because of its quality buyer and seller leads, which are exclusive and only given to one real estate agent.

Zillow Premier Agent was best for finding buyer leads, thanks to its connection with Zillow, while Offrs was best for getting seller leads to generate new listings. If you want help converting leads into sales, Zurple offers the best automated system for lead conversion. ZohoCRM was best at collecting leads from social media ads and managing them through its excellent CRM. Finally, if cost is a concern, REDX had the best pricing thanks to its monthly rates and no setup fees.

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As part of this review, we reviewed several of the best real estate lead generation services on factors like features, pricing, and customer reviews. We also looked for services that generated leads across various platforms, including social media, multiple listing services (MLS), brokerage websites, and listing sites.

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